Each Day a New Beginning: Meditations for Women App Reviews

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Touchstones - Hazelden

A fantastic daily meditation that speaks to the masculine side of our lives! Excellent app!

Love this!

Each day I find I am reflecting and working on something new. If I need more, I shake my phone and something else pops up! This helps on the path to serenity

Thought provoking

This has been my favourite daily meditation book for years. Im delighted to have an eversion for my travels.


Even if I dont get to each days readings, I cant say how much this app has touched and helped and guided me through my day! So many times it has been spot on with what was occurring in my life. Other times it just gave me something to ponder on. It gives you insights you may have not considered. Yes there is some God referencing, but it is neither heavy handed or enough to make those nervous about these references not find the vital information in each days reading. We can all use a bit of guidance, positive reinforcement and self reflection!

Timeless ... aint that the truth!

Wonderful App!! Helps with keeping me grounded in each 24 hour period - a simple reminder of my spiritual awakening - great to read at any time throughout the day ...

Love it!

This is a great way to start the day...positive and grateful. Love having this book on an app so I can always have it with me.

Just another drunk.

This is my favorite recovery book out there. I like that it was written BY women FOR women. Every reading seems to be written just for me. This book is vital to my recovery! This book is a must for all recovering women

Each day a new beginning

I had book~now Im able to easily & effortlessly share these empowering messages with the many awesome recovering women Ive been blessed to meet.


A part of my daily readings

Love it! Live it!

The reading always seems to be right where I am in my recovery

Love it!!

I love the daily messages. Theyre just what I need each day.

Very relevant

The daily readings are spot on for me! I enjoy the feature of being able to send a specific day to family and friends. I have sent to myself, printed out and kept it with my daily calendar for encouragement and support throughout the day!

5 star

This book has helped me in so many ways-self esteem and relationships to name a couple. I recently went through some difficult emotional pain, and these readings helped me focus on the right things and stay on track. The fact that it is in app form is even better because its always at my disposal! Wish more books on recovery were in this format too!

Best meditation book ever!

This book is so great for women in recovery. It reminds us every day that we are strong enough to handle whatever life gives us.


Concise, uplifting and encouraging way to start your day! Excellent!


So comforting to have this inspirational and uplifting book at my fingertips. Hope Hazeldon will make many many more available for iPhone

Wonderful resource!!!!

These apps help me to stay grounded. Easy to use recovery help at your fingertips!

Daily perspective

This gives me food for thought every day and reminds me how grateful I am to be sober.

Keeps me going

I have a son who suffers from schizophrenia. The daily message also helps with the stress of this horrible disease.

Speaks To Me Every Day

This app is an essential element in my Recovery Toolkit. I highly recommend it to any woman who wants to maintain her sobriety.

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